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Targeting the world's wealthiest and most influential people – from Hollywood producers to today’s top CEOs – Experience is a lifestyle magazine that speaks directly to this elite international clientele. The large-format publication offers its exclusive readership the best in travel, luxury and aircraft innovation.

The magazine is the flagship publication of Bombardier Business Aircraft, the world-leading manufacturer of business jets, including the Learjet, Challenger and Global aircraft.

In the pages of Experience you will discover the best-kept secrets in culture, travel, gastronomy, fashion and philanthropy. You’ll live the Experience of the world’s affluent jet set.

In this issue: Go behind the scenes with the Flight Ops team; Explore the spas and monasteries of Bhutan; Find out what it takes to earn a British Royal Warrant; Discover the secret side of Malta; Head back in time in with The Greatest Generations Foundation; and get an inside look at the Learjet 75 aircraft.